Media Appearances


The Doctors: Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss

The Doctors TV show arranged for Jon Calvo to see board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Susan Lovelle, who agreed to perform the surgery to remove the skin at no cost to Jon to finally make his dream come true.

The Refresh Cleanse

WASHINGTON (ABC7) —Many people go to extremes with their new year's resolutions -- often resorting to drastic detoxes and liquid diets. So it's no surprise that most people have fallen off their goals by February.

But how about a meal plan that includes whole foods and even meat? It's called the Refresh Cleanse and Dr. Susan Lovelle of Balanced Performance shares how to get started.

COVID-19 and the African-American Community

CHARLOTTE (FOX46) — Good Day Charlotte is joined by Dr. Susan Lovelle to discuss how COVID-19 is creating racial disparity in the African American Community.

Mitigating Health Risks Amid The Coronavirus

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — The coronavirus has impacted Black Americans more frequently and with higher mortality rates across the country. Holistic lifestyle doctor Susan Lovelle discussed how you can take control of your health and mitigate your risk.

Podcast Interviews

Fried. The Burnout Podcast

With Caitlin Donovan


With Brad Walsh

With Brad Walsh

Maximize Excellence

With Lori Harris


With Kashif Khan

Rebellious Wellness

With Gregogy Anne Cox

The Dan Nestle Show

With Dan Nestle

Coffee & Collaborations

With Kimberly Winborne

Fire Within

With Brandon Woolley

What Audiences Think About Dr. Susan

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