Attention: Stressed and time-strapped women tech executives:

"Hormones in Heels" Masterclass

The 3 Mistakes Women Tech Executives Make That Keep Them Exhausted, Struggling With Weight, and Missing Family Moments That Matter

You're a BOSS. But at what cost?

  • Fluctuating or low energy

  • Unwanted weight gain or loss

  • Poor sleep

  • Decreased concentration and focus

  • Low libido

  • Sugar or carb cravings

  • Low motivation

  • Mood swings

It's challenging to reach peak performance when your body's hormones aren't supporting you to be at your best.

In this masterclass, you'll walk away with:

  • Insights on Hormonal Impact: Discover the 5 critical hormones driving your productivity and leadership—and how you might be unknowingly sabotaging them.

  • Strategic Hormonal Health: Get custom strategies to cut stress, boost energy, and sharpen your mind through hormonal harmony.

  • Custom Solution Tool: Leave with our BOSS Blueprint so you can craft and execute a personalized executive wellness plan that fits effortlessly into your daily life.

You're why should you attend?

Personalized health is the key to sustained success. So this event is for you if...

1. You're a high-achieving woman tech executive or leader who feels that your energy and health aren't quite at the level they used to be.

2. You've noticed changes in your focus, weight, or overall well-being and want to understand the underlying causes.

3. You're interested in optimizing your health not just through traditional medicine, but also by understanding the holistic aspects of well-being.

4. You're ready to take actionable steps towards improving your hormonal health to enhance your personal and professional life.

5. You believe in the power of data-driven, personalized health strategies and want to learn how to implement them effectively.

6. You're seeking sustainable, long-term solutions to health challenges that go beyond quick fixes and temporary relief.

Dr. Susan Lovelle, a former plastic surgeon who has conducted over 1500 surgeries for leaders and executives, discovered that the root cause often lies in hormonal issues that have been ignored.

Join Dr. Susan in an exclusive online event designed specifically for successful leaders and get the key to unlocking professional success through personal well-being.

Join the "Hormones in Heels" Masterclass

and learn how to overcome the 3 big mistakes sabotaging your executive performance

Tuesday, July 16th at 1pm ET/10am Pacific

What if I can't attend live?

We understand you're busy and respect your time. We'll be sharing the recordings with everyone who registers, no worries. However, we do have an awesome "Show Up Live" gift.

I don't have time to spare. Why should I attend?

The information we're sharing has the ability to start improving your hormonal status—and thus, your entire life— immediately. How much more time will you have when you're performing at a higher level?

Is this medical advice?

While the information Dr. Susan is sharing is helpful for most executives, this masterclass is for your information only. If you are on medications or have any other concerns, please check with your healthcare provider prior to making any changes.

About the Instructor

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Dr. Susan, "The Thrive Architect"

Dr. Susan Lovelle, former award-winning plastic surgeon, now serves as the Founder and CEO of Balanced Performance. This innovative platform is designed to equip executive leaders with the skills needed to achieve holistic well-being and ignite transformative health and vitality within their teams.

An esteemed author and recognized expert on platforms like DWEN and Forbes, Dr. Susan imparts actionable strategies for energy optimization, stress reduction, and overall health improvement. Her insights are more than theoretical; they are practical tools that have demonstrated effectiveness for leaders at the pinnacle of the business world.

With the belief that each day's 1440 minutes are precious, Dr. Susan is dedicated to inspiring others to prioritize their well-being and embrace a holistic approach to self-nurturing.

Dr. Susan welcomes connections and encourages the exploration of transformative well-being, aiming to cultivate a community where executives and their teams can flourish in both their professional and personal lives.

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